Semembele Clinic

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Refurbishment of Semembele Clinic is complete

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Semembele Clinic
This clinic is very isolated, not helped by the very poor state of its “road” through the forestry reserve which people are wary of using due to the fines imposed on anyone felling timber. The Government has plans to build a new supply road but this will take a new route through different villages – any new access to this remote village will be a huge step forwards.

The clinic was found to be run down and poorly staffed. Both the Medical Officer and the Nurse were absent, on different training course, but we gained access thanks to the guard and other village helpers. There are also two village helpers. The beds were shabby and poor, mostly lacking mattresses and nets, and the doors lacked locks and failed to close properly. The only staffhouse is very old and is the main reason why new staff will not stay at the village. A newly appointed nurse only lasted one day and then left the village! Though the young guard is keen to train as an Auxiliary Nurse and asks for help in funding his training. He went to Secondary School and completed Form 4, but he did not complete all his exams as his sponsor died before he completed his education. This young man, Machia Charles Kavenga, says if he can train as a nurse he will return to his village of Semembele so the health care for his village will improve. The village have started to build a new staff house, but little progress has been seen for a while – though they have the funding to build to the lintel.

The Dispensary has leaks in the roof and the clinic was badly cracked, but it was seen that these had recently been plastered and repaired, and the whole place would benefit from cleaning and repainting. The clinic is busy, with about 586 births per year from a population of 12379 supported by the clinic. There is no CTC clinic here to help those who are HIV+ve, they have to get to the clinic in Bukene for help, and this is 25km away. The bicycle for Outreach work was seen to be very old and shabby so Cranbrook School bought a replacement bike for the clinic.

Semembele Clinic, and Staff House

Semembele Clinic, and Staff House

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